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THANOS Sketchcover Commission

Fan Commission

Fan Commission

Fan Commission

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Fan Commission 
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Fan Commission

Fan Commission

Chido Comics - Rey Mysterio No. 1

Social Media Roundup Summer 2017



90's ROGUE



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RNDM Ver. 3

I'm proud to announce my 3rd sketch book RNDM 3 which will be released this coming weekend June 1st - 3rd at Wizard World Philadelphia 2017! If you're unfamiliar with my sketch books they're a small collection of random pieces I've had squirreled away either online or on paper somewhere. This version will be special since it's the very first to be in color! And to make it even more special I personalize each one with a small sketch. If you enjoy my work please consider picking one up when seeing me at an upcoming show. I appreciate your support!


BATMAN/TMNT Adv. 3 Cover Art

Be sure to check out Batman/TMNT Adventures No.3 out this January 2017 by IDW publishing featuring an alternate cover by yours truly!

Big thanks to the fine folks over at IDW for giving me this opportunity!

Facebook Dailies

For those not familiar with my Facebook Fan Page best get the knowing! I'm posting daily portraits of your fav characters there. This is an effort to get faster as an artist. So make sure to pay a visit and follow along to watch me crumble under the pressure.

When I sweat you win!

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