Wizard Con 2015 + FCBD 2015 highlights!

Th-th-th-thiiiisss WEEKEND, WEEKEND, WEEKEND!! Come on out to Wizard Con Philly to see little ol' meeh! Those fans who know me know the drill. I'll be taking commissions, selling prints, kissing babies, hugging grandmothers! And I'll be sharing a table with my road buddy Scott Beach of Beach Studios. It's gonna be a good time! Look for table D-43 and COME. SEE. ME!!

PS- Much love goes out to all my pals Captain Blue Hen Comics​ where I spent Free Comic Book Day 2015 this past weekend in Newark, Delaware! I had a blast as usual. Great seeing everyone again!

Attached are a few quick free-bee sketches I did that day for fans

See you this weekend!

Bizarro Green Arrow..hi-larious!


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