Manga Studio 5 EX

Hey all!

I just got my hands on Manga Studio EX5 and all I can say is ' I can't believe it's not BUTTER'!

Having not used a Manga Studio program since it's early versions (lesser said about those the better) I was very weary of getting back in the boat. For those of you with working with Photoshop, the transition to Manga Studio EX 5 is nearly flawless. All the best features of Photoshop have been brought over. Which was the case before but it never really felt quite right. I hated the fact that it was so close to Photoshop but had flaws and ticks that kept it from being a really good program.

Now, I dare say, that certain features are even BETTER than Photoshop! Such as the pen and brush tools. Which feel way more precise than anything I've used before. And the ability to paint on screen tones is always a nice touch.

For all those on the fence about picking up a copy I'd say go for it. You won't be disappointed.

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