Emma Frost Walk-Thru

I've never done a step-by-step of my creative process.Sounds like fun yeah? 

My process is nothing groundbreaking. I'm posting it for those curious to see how I use Photoshop and a light box to speed up my workflow. 

Steps 1 - 2 are where I lay down an initial idea for the piece then go into more detail to flesh things out. I usually work all this out in Photoshop. Makes editing little things sooooo much easier. 


The biggest advantage in using Photoshop is being able to re-size and move my layouts. In this case I made Emma's umm, assets, larger ;D compared to the original concept. 

After completing my layouts I then print them out and take them over to my drafting table so I can light box them onto traditional comic art board. This not only makes everything cleaner but also gives me a chance to edit small things I didn't catch while doing my initial layouts. During this phase I'm tightening up all my line work and figuring out where my light sources and perspective points are.

Next I decided to give the flooring beneath her a fancy touch by adding an oriental rug. I felt the best way to pull this off was to reference an actual rug. So I hopped onto the Googler and looked up a few. Then drug the one I liked into Photoshop and, using the perspective tool, fit it into the scene. This took a few minutes since I needed to line up the rug to my perspective point. I also spotted that the lions heads on her chair didn't quite match up like I would have liked them to so I wound up copying the one on the right and flipping it to match. After all that I reprinted the lower half containing the heads and the rug and headed back over to my table to light box everything together.

I finish things up by doing little touch ups here and there, particularly to the fur piece around her shoulders and effects to the fireplace behind her. 

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